Affordable Health Insurance San Diego

How do you know what Health Insurance plan is the best for you and your family? When you do find the right plan, how do you keep it affordable? These are some common questions you might ask when you are shopping for Health Insurance. If you or a family member are “frequent flyers” to the doctor’s office than you might want to consider an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) plan. This could be quite a transition if there is a particular doctor you are used to seeing on your current PPO plan. If you don’t have a doctor you are absolutely set on, then an HMO might make sense. Most HMO plans only have an office visit co-pay whenever you see a doctor while PPO (Preferred Providers Organization) plans often have a Deductable and co-insurance to be met. Typically HMO plans have a smaller network of providers, however this is all relative because there are less people using HMO plans.

If you are someone that rarely goes to a Doctor’s office, than maybe a PPO with a higher deductable would work better for you. You will save on your monthly insurance payment and will only have to come out of pocket when you use it. PPO plans also include a much broader network of medical providers to choose from. Chances are, your Doctor is in the provider network for that plan. Advanced Brokers Insurance is here to answer all of your questions. Call or click today for more information.